Nankai University of Science and Technology of the text of the Department of good equipment interview

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  Nankai Ke University recently in the 46th anniversary of the celebration, held by the school, from the school text system, as well as artists and Taiwan Technology Research and Development Center, together with the exhibition, the school expected in the multi-party Combined with the students in-depth discussion on how to design good equipment, the implementation of the school that is the new business model.
Nankai Ke large and local craftsmen and Taiwan Technology Research and Development Center together with 10 craftsmen, will be their own works in Nankai Ke exhibition, a few pieces of glass works, craft home clever stacking techniques, made of Nantou The beautiful landscape.
Glass artist Lin Fang Shi: "The trunk of the couple tree, with a glass block to the shape of the stack of trees out, to encourage students to say, more to find, more to explore the different media in nature."
Nankai Ke big text students: "When the lights, it may be made side of it, and then to it to weld it, but the work of these teachers, put it with a small part of the patchwork to spend a flower. "
The process of home natural bamboo, to create daily necessities, nice and practical; there are no chemical pigments, and with the natural plant pigment, dyed fashion silk fabric, natural and beautiful colors.
Nankai Ke Daowen students: "the use of the leaves of nature to dye, you can use natural things to show such a beautiful thing, I feel very good, great."
"He likes to keep the original bamboo, so that the largest package, in fact, is still in our daily life, these living utensils."
"This is a collection of learning, a collection of practice, a collection of the results of a show to enhance the ability of students to do real."
Nankai Ke large and craftsmen strategic alliances, so that the industry in the school deep roots, nurturing students to build their own good equipment, the implementation of school business, graduation that employment of new production model.
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