THE 23rd Huang-Shi Art Exhibition

Poster:Post date:2019-03-06

The Huang-Shi Art Exhibition is a national art competition and exchange activity.
The purpose is to provide a platform for art creators to exchange ideas and appreciation.
Welcome the outstanding artistic creators from all over the world to participate.
Organizer: Changhua County Government
Sponsor: Changhua County Cultural Affairs Bureau
Sponsor: GSK Group Relations Enterprise, Chiuan-Shing Cultural and Educational Foundation
Category: Three-dimensional crafts, Digital art, calligraphy engraving, oil painting watercolor, ink color, photography
1. Artists of the Republic of China.
2. The entries were created by individuals after 106 years of the Republic of China (including the Republic of China in 106 years) and did not participate in any competition (except for internal competitions and schools). Those who participate in this exhibition and other competitions and who are also winners (including inclusion) are deemed to be ineligible.
3. Entries for plagiarism, re-enactment, copying or asking the teacher to modify, substitute for inscriptions, impersonation or violation of the provisions of the rules, if the verification is true, the organizer can be disqualified, and cannot participate in three years.
4. Not limited to the entry category, each person is limited to submit one entry, but the same piece cannot be entered at the same time.
5. The " Huang-Shi Newcomer Award" is the first time to participate in this year's Huang-Shi Art Exhibition and its works have been selected if the locality or place of birth is Changhua County or Changhua County has been established for more than 5 years.
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