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Golden Crown™ Award (full name: Golden Crown International Design Award) is an international design award competition for the global design institutions, individual designers and students at the design major of colleges and universities initiated and hosted by Golden Crown Award International Creative Center.

Based on Asia and facing the world, the competition strives to create a high-profile professional design brand in the Asian design industry. The competition is held to fully explore the experiment and exploration of the design, further develop and promote the practicality and aesthetics, and accelerate the integration of the creative design industry.

The Golden Crown Design Award Competition can promote exchanges, strengthen focus and attention to the culture, art, environment and society around the world, thereby the exchange and cooperation of international art design can be promoted and the influence of the design community in the world can be driven.

The preliminary and final evaluations of the competition should be conducted in accordance with the evaluation principle of fairness, notarization, openness, item-by-item and preferential selection.

Host Units:

Sponsored by: Golden Crown International Creative Center
Undertaken by: Organizing Committee of Golden Crown International Design Award

Entry Rules:


The entries must be original designs, which can be submitted by the company or individual.


The entries must be the ones completed by the postgraduate, undergraduate, junior college or secondary specialized students or the above-mentioned students in school. The student’s entry may be a design work that has been applied in practice or a practice that has not been applied in practice.

Competing Category:

A.Visual communication category (brand, VI system, logo, packaging, books, mascots, fonts, posters, bills, illustrations, etc.)
B.Product modeling category (appearance, shape, structure, process, materials, etc. of various industrial products)
C.Environmental space category (landscape, garden, architecture, interior, exhibition, planning, etc.)
D.Clothing decoration category (clothing, jewelry, dyeing, fabrics, shoes and hats, wearing jewelry, etc.)
E.Public service advertisement category (not limited to the specific art forms, please enter the competition in the picture form)
F.Media creation category (architectural environment animation, self-media creation, film and television cartoon, film and television promotional video, etc.)
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