The department should cooperate with the government due to the development of cultural and creative industries policy, foster cultural and creative talent to nurture both the "humanities" and "professional application" of cultural and creative professionals as educational goals. Educational goals set to "foster innovation, professional and local cultural characteristics of living and industrial development and has a design capacity of marketing and media personnel." Specifically, the objectives of the Department of Education to

1. foster both cultural awareness, creativity, planning, design capacity of professionals. .
2. Training students with creative thinking and technical design expertise and practical skills to enhance the competitiveness of the workplace.
3. Strengthening the students with the ability to integrate science and technology and the Internet, effective use of information marketing innovative design products.
4. teach students to integrate the use of cultural creativity, design, digital media field, counseling students to pursue professional licenses and have lifelong learning.

The department with the school educational philosophy --- cultivate "pragmatic, innovative, macro, Liberal" qualities Nankai people, and hospital characteristics --- to "life, technology, service" approach to development, set the development of the Department of Key for the training of a "culture media design" and "cultural & Creative product design" professional talent. From the industrial chain, the development of teachers and students focus on the development of professional practice.

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