Graduation development direction

Shen school plan: You can obtain the Institute of cultural and creative assets, examination of Visual Communication Design Institute, and other related merchandise Institute of Design Institute ...

Job planning: design can serve at home and abroad, cultural and creative merchandising and marketing creative industry and other related industries ...

Shen science studies
China Shen Xue:
related design department Institute, the Institute of visual communication design, creative design and life Research Institute, the Institute of Industrial Design Institute and other related ...

Shen learned abroad:
study abroad, study tours study, other

The employment

Creative Industry:
Business consultant company, show planning companies, marketing planning company, Chinese productivity company, their own business plan, curator

Film industry:
Multimedia Communications Inc.

Design industry:
Advertising design company, packaging design company, product planning design company

Leisure Industry:
Boardinghouse planning, wedding planning, leisure farm planning the design, planning and design of cultural and creative park

Welfare the industry: Elderly Welfare planning industry, migraine rural regional planning industry, foreign service planning industry



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