Nankai University of Science and Technology Department Cultural Creative and Design Off - campus practice code 

    1.  During the intership ,the student should keep the professional dedication & the thereby contribute to school reputation.

    2. While working as an intern ,the students should follow the job arrangement planned equitably by the internship employers ,and not reject it willfully.

    3.  While being an intern ,the students should follow the working time rules of the company.

    4.  During the work time the students should not vi

    sit other co-workers or linger in the other departments  if it is not for the sake of work .

    5.  If the contact address and tel an changes ,the students should inform their supervisor ,tutor and parents.

    6.  The students should follow the rules on leave-taking by workers ,but not willfully be absent.

    7. At the end of the internship ,the uniform and all other company equipment should be returned ;and the students should follow the procedures of staff roll-off of the internship company.

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